In Person

In person therapy takes place at our Mission Valley and also our Point Loma office. This is what individuals most likely think of when they envision “traditional” therapeutic treatment. Each client, couple, or family comes to our office and spends an hour with a therapist in person.

Please click on our About us to see Bios to choose a therapist that is right for you. You may call or email us at to schedule an appointment. Prices vary depending on whom you choose to see. Insurance may be used for in-person visits depending on whom you see and what insurance we are currently accepting.

Psycho Educational

What are they?
Psycho Educational classes are structured small group classes that offer information and support around a particular area of need. Here at we offer multiple groups.
Currently we are running Parenting classes, Teen groups, and Anger management groups.
They are all currently held on-site at our San Diego offices. At some point in the future we may be running these same groups on-line. You can email or call us to find out when.
Please contact by email or phone to sign up for a particular group.


How does the process work?
Please email us with a short description of the issues that you wish to address. A therapist will respond within 2 days with further details

How is this kept secure?
Therapy-Connection has their own private, secure server to ensure that everything is kept confidential.