Therapy-Connection believes in confidentiality. Your therapy issues will only be discussed with other therapists working at the agency to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. Therapy-Connection employs registered interns who are still collecting their hours for licensure and therefore are supervised by Dr. Antonio Marotta. All cases are discussed with him to help interns in providing the best care possible. Therapy-Connection secures all patient/client information in a locked drawer in an office that only staff have access to. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, please feel free to ask your therapist in further detail.


Scope of practice/service refers to our core accountabilities. As for therapists or any professional healthcare provider, this refers to those services he or she is accountable for providing based on education and license.


Confidentiality is essential to the therapeutic process. This means that what you, as the client, are able to feel confident that what you tell your therapist stays between you and your therapist. Trust is also part of the therapeutic process and here at Therapy-Connection, we believe that confidentiality is part of building trust in this relationship. Although confidentiality is crucial, there are a few reasons therapists are mandated to break confidentiality. These reasons are to report suspected child abuse, elder abuse, plan to harm others or oneself. Please see the section on Mandated Reporting to read further about these issues and for important reference telephone numbers.


Child abuse is described as neglect, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse. By law, as therapists, we are mandated to report suspected crimes to Child Protective Services.
The number for Child Protective Services is 1-800-
Anyone can use this number to report suspected Child Abuse, not just professionals.

Elder Abuse is described as neglect, financial control, emotional abuse, or sexual abuse. By law, as therapists, we are mandated to report suspected abuse to AIS. The number to report if you suspect elder abuse is occurring to someone you know is 1-800-510-2020

Planned Harm to self, this includes a statement of intent to harm oneself, including a specific plan.
Planned harm to others includes intent to harm a specific person with a plan to commit this crime. Therapists have to report to legal authorities and the person that harm is threatened to.


Informed consent is the process by which a fully informed person can participate in choices about his or her therapy. It originates from the legal and ethical right the client has to direct what happens to his or her life and from the ethical duty of the therapist to involve the client in all choices that are available.